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Tinypic sucks?

Howdy guys! Wow it's been a little while~

Nothing too interesting to report other than some video game nerdage - I beat Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (asdfghj;hgfkd it was amazing) and am like half-way ish through Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep :D But I won't ramble too much about those because I don't want to bore anyone. (Feel free to bring it up for discussion if you want though?)

No, the real reason I'm posting is because I wanted to give a warning to all the icon makers on my f-list, as well as my lovely friends who post fanart and other picture-related media.

If you previously relied on Tinypic to host your stuff, you should know that the website is no longer servicing international countries, and many outside the U.S. will not be able to see what you upload.

More details here; apparently the sites/links still work for the UK and Canada, but...yeah, pretty much a no-go anywhere else.

I can't be the only one who thinks that that's ridiculously stupid, right? :\ And I'm from the US. I mean why would I want to upload my stuff to a website where I know no one outside the country (which includes some of my fandom friends) will see it?


Annnndddd in other shitty news, I'm stuck going into work with my dad tomorrow to help him with mundane stuff.

Lesigh. So much for sleeping in.

New fanwork journal thing...

I decided to start a separate journal because I've been getting back into writing/drawing lately, and I was afraid my work would start cluttering my personal journal. Nothing's really there yet but...er, if you're interested, watch/friend? :)

I'll be posting art, fics - stuff for schmoop_bingo, and my brand new challenge, fanfic100 - for my Persona 3 claim, SEES.

...um, yeah I don't know what's wrong with me either. :X

But I hope to see some of you there...maybe....and stuff....


Quick update?


Haha, haven't updated in a while - oops ^^; I sorta got into using Plurk and LJ sorta slipped my mind. Well, at least updating it. I mean I still check my f-list every once and a while? Haha. Oh, and if anyone happens to have a Plurk, let me know! :)

Anyways, school started on the 31st of Aug. I'm on a super light schedule this semester, so all things considered, things are going okay so far. My Tuesday/Thursday class - Philosophy dealing with Animals and the Environment - is actually really small, and waiting for it to start the first day, I was actually afraid of how awkward it was going to get. But the teacher is entertaining, and we have some talkative members of the class, so it was all good.

My second was pretty normal. Landscape Ecology. Got the syllabus, met people; saw some familiar faces. Yadda yadda. Not too much to say there yet, but we'll see how it goes. I've had this prof. before, so I kind of know his deal :)

On a less positive note, the PSP kaitodoushi so lovingly sent me decided it didn't like UMDs anymore ;__; I was able to play about an hour or so of Persona 3 Portable (female route) and then I took a break and...yeah, couldn't get into the game anymore. "Disc could not be read."

So I guess that and Birth by Sleep are on hold for a bit until further notice. My dad and I went and talked to GameStop people and it seems we're probably going to have to get another one, since it's some hardware issue that would cost a lot to fix, going through Sony. Dad says we might be able to do this next week, depending on how things go financially.

Fingers crossed? Heheh. On the bright side, I can still get Professor Layton and the Unwound Future! *squeals*

In any case, that's pretty much my past week in a nutshell. Hope everyone's September is starting off well - anyone else heading back to school?

Breaking back into the writing scene!

So the other day, I found out about this great writing challenge called schmoop_bingo : in which you get 25 themes/prompts to write on for any fandom you want, in bingo board form. There's also apparently a point system and prizes involved, the more writing and completing "bingos" you do.

But I don't care, since I just want to write again. It's based on fluffy/romance writing, so I thought it was perfect for me! I signed up and this was the card I got:

girly prompts with girly pink backgrounds ahoy!Collapse )

I'm already starting to plot.

I've roped kaitodoushi into it, and candy__chan is also doing it (or at least I hope she will, since she's signed up XD). If anyone else is currently doing it or is interested, lemme know and we'll cheer each other on!

I've been waiting for an age for my writing muse to wake up, and it looks like she's finally ready to get back to work <3

[Post will be left up and continually edited as I make progress with this :D]

I keep meaning to update this thing...

Not that life has given me too much to write about, but eh. It's been almost a month, so...yeah. *shrugs*

Still marathoning Persona 3, in hopes of finishing it before Otakon. Which is coming up really soon. It is seriously the longest, most epic game I've played O__o Loving it a lot, and things are getting really interesting and good. I can't wait to see how it all ends <3 ...or maybe I can... ;-;

But anyway, hopefully Otakon will be as awesome as always. :) I was gonna try to throw together a Flora cosplay, from Professor Layton, to go with suedeauxnim and her brother's cosplays (Luke and Layton respectively) -- not entirely sure if I'll be able to pull it off though in the short time i have left, though @_@ But I'll... try? I should seriously make a list of cosplays I want to do. Would probably make things easier.

Um, I was also planning to write fanfiction this month for 31_days, but I'm failing pretty miserably in that department. Their themes are really interesting this month too ;-; But I just haven't been in the mood. (Surprise, surprise.) There were a few others who were going to do it with me, I wonder if they're doing any better >_>

Oh yeah, and also switching laptops soon. Dad somehow got another one (I guess for cheap); it's Windows 7, it's lighter, and it has BATTERY LIFE! I think it's speakers are shittier than this one though. Or maybe I'm just used to these. But anyway I'm trying to transfer all of my crap onto it first, and then I can start using it.

I hear 7 is better than Vista, so... we'll see ^^;


tablet tablet tablet~

(image stolen from google)

So today, I got this lovely little gadget right here. ♥

A tablet of my very own! Finally! It's called the "Bamboo Fun: Pen & Touch," although you know, I can't help but think I should give her a proper name. :D She cost a pretty enough penny that I think she deserves one. I'll think of one eventually. And am also open to suggestions.

Originally, I got just the "Bamboo Touch," which was all well and good and all (and was cheap), but it turns out I couldn't even use a stylus with it! So no drawing, which is, y'know, why I want one. Luckily Best Buy let me exchange it for this more expensive model, which I am now totally happy with.

And lo, my first doodle with it on GIMP. :D Uh, yeah, it's me. ^^;

Whew! It'll certainly take some getting used to. But I'm already loving it, and I can't wait to try digital coloring with it.

Sadly, tomorrow, I'm stuck going to work with my dad so I can do some paperwork for him. *sigh* So not only am I going to be torn from my new lovely toy for a whole day, I'll also be torn from my PS2 and Persona 3! UGH. XD

But ah well, hopefully I get to draw more with it soon.
Tomorrow after I get back, perhaps, if I'm not too tired~

I think I'll call her Irene. For some reason my mind went into Sherlock Holmes mode.

New layout~

It's reddd~ :D

I'd been itching to change my LJ layout for a while now, so yesterday I finally sat down and did it. Today it's finally done! Hope you guys like :)

I went with a Durarara!! theme, as it's become one of my favorite anime at the moment (and also was one of the few fandoms that I could find a red-themed picture for, for a banner that would go with the layout I chose). :D You can find a link to the original pic in my sidebar, if you want it.

I thought the banner turned out rather nicely. Thanks to petite_ran for giving me a link to the layout LJ I used to find the proper CSS for this!

In other news, I'm possibly getting a tablet. POSSIBLY. *crosses fingers* Dad's going to take me shopping on Sunday, and hooopefully I can convince him to buy one for me ;-; lol. Guess we'll see. I've wanted one for a long time.

Also, video games and books have taken over my life. XD What is this. Ugh. And I can't stop listening to Pokemon music. WTF? I blame all the hubbub about the Black and White versions coming out. (The legendaries look so rad!) I think I might pop in a DVD after this. Since you know, I'm a dork and own most of first season and all of the Orange Islands.

*sigh* Times like this I wish I was in fifth grade and a kid again...

Oh well... ;-;

This calls for a celebration.





I haven't had straight A's since middle school! Though I've come close a bunch of times. FUCK YEAH. Fuck yeah, I say!

In other news, I'm almost done with Shadow Magic. Next up is Good Omens - which I can hopefully finish before Dragon Soul comes out on the 8th of June. ♥

Time for fun things again! \o/

School ended for me last week! Well, for the summer, anyway.

I meant to post about it, but it just kept slipping my mind I guess. ^^; I turned in my 5,000-word monster paper, which I dare say ended up being more than 5,000 words - 20 pages long, with all the graphs and stuff I put in. Turned in another paper I had to write, which was much less monstrous, and also took that logic exam. Don't know how I did, but hopefully well.

So now I've got time for fun things. :) I've been reading up a storm - I finished Havemercy, an Agatha Christie novel called At Bertram's Hotel (enjoyed both of them greatly!) and started on Havemercy's sequel, Shadow Magic. The third book is coming out in early June, and I've got to be ready!

I also got a Steam account, so I could get Portal for free on my PC. I started that as well to see how the controls were and how it ran on my computer, and it seems to be fine. I'll have to beat it for myself, instead of just watching my friend Julia play it. :)

My account is ammchan by the way, if any of you guys have an account want want to add me. Since apparently Steam won't let me add anybody right now :( I think I have to buy a game from them. Free ones don't count. Boooo~

Oh well. I also played more Persona 3 today and got past a little snag I hit last time I played. (Thanks, Akihiko! ♥) Fused myself Jack Frost, as well. Amazing game is amazing and fun!

And that's pretty much been my summer so far XD Eat, sleep, chat, play, read. Occasionally watch things, like anime and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Generator Rex..... yeah, yeah I know I'm a dork, sue me ^^;;

Gonna take some time and revamp my LJ layout hopefully in the next few days, maybe. And maybe round up some of my more recent art for an art post? Eh, who knows.

Goofing off is fun ^^;

Oi, oi.

Uh, it's been a little while. Oops?

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day yesterday. My family's not too big into that kind of thing; I don't even think my mom knew it was Mother's Day yesterday, since Thailand actually has a different one. But still, it's always nice for moms to get the recognition they deserve.

School's alllmost done. I've got one more paper to write for Thursday, and I've got to finish editing that monster-paper that I turned in the rough draft for, for Friday by midnight. Gotta submit it on Turnitin. *gag* Then I've got an exam on Monday on Logic (Edgeworth, help me out again, please?) - which I think is the last thing I have to worry about, and hopefully I haven't forgotten anything ^^;

Let's see. I've also finally finally finally started playing Persona 3 again a couple weekends ago. I guess candy__chan and kaitodoushi's playing of Persona 4 finally helped prod me along. And holy cow is P3 addicting. There's just so many things to do and so many decisions you have to make - have I mentioned that I'm one of the most indecisive people on the freakin' planet?

Oh well, it's super fun though despite Tartarus/the tower of plot point being kind of a bitch at times. It's rapidly becoming my latest obsession/fandom, and I'm only 12 or so hours into the game. As such, I've made a few icons to use from the series, out of some pictures that arcsyaoran found for me ^^;

I've also been getting bored with my LJ layout. I kind of want to change it into something fandom-y but I don't really know how to make layouts myself. And I'm not sure where to go looking for them. I know there are layout comms out there, but... anyone got any suggestions? ♥

Guess I'll fish around myself, too, when I get a chance. Buttt I'd love you forever =D