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This is the second time I've had to change my LJ layout back from "Generator", re-add the CSS and also change all of my fucking sidebar options and whatnot.


I don't know what the fuck is going on here, but I am changing my password. If this happens again, I really need to fucking look into where I can report this. Third time's the charm and all that. Because seriously. The hell is this?

(K-On!) Yui: ^^;;


Sitting through a lecture about sleep disorders and how lack of sleep is bad and you should feel bad is REALLY awkward when you're running on 3 hours of sleep XD I guess I should be grateful I didn't doze off?

And now I'm supposed to be in another class, but it got cancelled so I am goofing off. Yay!

By the way, everyone on my f-list who is a fan of Disney should watch this.

Because seriously FFFFFFF ♥ ♥ ♥

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I'm not dead, I swear.


So uhhhh yeah, I really didn't mean to not update for two months. Oops?

I've still been around though, mainly poking around in fandom and posting things in amm_fanworks (I'm still backlogged, lmao). I just never felt like updating personal LJ until today for some reason, lol. Changed my layout from the Durarara!! one too, since I was getting bored of it and it looked wonky on other computers (all-bold text, what?)

But yeah I'll try to be better about updating If school doesn't eat me alive. (Test after test after paper, fffff.)

I ordered my cap and gown last week. asd;fg;fds I'm so fucked. I have no idea what I'm gonna do once I graduate, lmao. And I keep being too nervous to make an appointment with a counselor or whatever. Blah. Hopefully I'll figure it out, because it's really scaring me.

Ohhhhh well.

Anyway, I have no class Thursdays and my professor for my only Friday class cancelled, so I have this lovely 5 day weekend ahead of me. Hopefully I'll get some more gaming in (ugh, I started ANOTHER one I suck so much XD) and just generally have fun before I'm a slave to college once more.

Stiiiillll working on P3P, P4, Wild Arms 2, and now Radiant Historia, too. And 999, whenever kaitodoushi, candy__chan and I have the time. (Head, meet desk. XD)

Also, Tangled and BBC's Sherlock are both fucking rad. ♥ Watched them at my friend's birthday thing last weekend and am totally in love.

*goes to find Tangled's soundtrack to download somewhere*

(Index) Mmmmm Accelerator

because I love gushing about my fandoms

...and because I haven't done a meme in ages!

Comment with a fandom (or multiple fandoms) and I'll tell you:

least favorite:
who resembles me:
most attractive:
three more characters that I like:

Also: any Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective fans in da house? I set up the kink meme today at ghost_junkyard, so if you're interested, join up, read the rules, request/fill and have fun! :D And pimp it out/advertise?!~ Hehe.

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Fuck yeah!!

Textbooks, FUCK YEAH!!

Finally got the last two I needed today. Now I can study for my Abnormal Psych exam next week, FML. Two weeks worth of reading baby! 8D Kill me now.

Also, I lost my iPod somehow. Yeah, I don't know why or how either, because I remember putting it in my backpack and the headphones I had attached to the iPod are still freakin' here. But it's gone now. It's pretty sad times, beause, in case you guys didn't know, I sleep with that thing on, since I can't really sleep in silence. I need music.

So yesterday, I decided to use my radio instead.

And apparently, when I turn on my radio, it likes to turn up the volume.

By its fucking SELF. I literally didn't touch the damn knob, I just hit the Power button to turn it on and changed the station to the one I wanted.

And it just kept getting LOUDER. >_>

After I fought with it for a minute or so (people were sleeping, so I couldn't have it too loud; I kept turning it down), it just kinda stayed down at normal volumes, but I still wonder why or how the hell it did that.

.....creepy radios, FUCK YEAH!!

And lastly, I just got my Asian Philosophy exam back last class. 83%, which will go up with the corrections we made today; he gives back half credit and allows us to use our notes and textbooks. I was pretty happy with the grade, since I mostly knew I fucked up the questions he marked me down on... with the exception of one, which I actually got RIGHT in my head (you could even tell by the choices I crossed out), but fucked up putting down the answer choice.


At least there were some pleasant surprises though, since I also got some questions right that I was not expecting. So there is that. There is ALWAYS that! 8D

And lunch. Lunch is good. Lunch is delicious.

...fuck yeah.
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Gah, it's been a while, but I can finally update again. Sorry about that, I had like 3 papers to knock out before the end of the semester, it was quite unpleasant ^^;; But now I am free for winter break!

ANYWAY, a very belated "heeey" to all the awesome people I picked up from the Kingdom Hearts friending meme a little while back! Hope we all get to know each other and whatnot, and maybe we can all squee over Re: Coded next month :3

In other news, I also finished NaNo last month, so I've got a lot of fics lined up to post, eventually, on amm_fanworks. When I can stand to sit in front of a word processor again and stare at words and maybe edit a bit >< I'll probably do that some time today or tomorrow.

That is, if I don't get too distracted by Last Window ^^; My latest game for the DS. Hotel Dusk sequel love ♥

And um... it finally snowed today! Not too much, but there was some accumulation, which makes me happy :D I hope we get more, or I hope it stays so we can have a White Christmas. I have a lot of friends in wintery areas so when they talk about snow, it makes me wish I had some, too ;_;

Any of you have plans for the holidays?
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where all dogs go

My dog, Rozz, passed away this weekend.

He was already sick, and has been for a long time (diabetes), but on Thursday his condition became notably worse. He couldn't walk or get up on his own, and he wouldn't eat and would barely drink. So um, I guess I kind of could tell it was coming...but overall it was just a really horrible experience and I really miss him dearly.

I would've given anything--anything to have been able to take him to the vet, but we just didn't have the money. And I have a feeling they would've had us put him down, anyway, so I really don't think there was much more I could've done for him. :( I still feel so guilty though. I wish things hard turned out different.

So now I just have one dog, Sparky, who's probably really lonely without his friend. I've been trying to hang out with him more, and he seems all right. But I still worry.

It was also Anime USA this weekend, but sadly, I don't really have a lot of cosplay pics to post, since my camera was full and I was too distracted by what happened to care. I might do a post anyway, if I feel so inclined, but sadly I have a host of other things to worry about first (all school-related).

Yeah, 'cause that's definitely what I want to be thinking about right now >_>
(P3) Yukari: Yay!

Seems appropriate, considering NaNo.

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

Woo! XD The more you know, eh?
I got this both when I entered part of my Kingdom Hearts work-in-progress and my Persona 3 work-in-progress.

Any other writers on ye old f-list tried it? ;) And how's everyone word count, for those crazy enough to do the NaNo challenge?

Mine so far: 3,053 / 50,000.

...I should probably write moar finish my laundry. 8D

...procrastination? What's that?
(P3) Metis/Aigis: K-On! Parody

Of birthdays and weddings


It's been a while. Again. Haha. Sorry about that- I guess I just don't feel like I have much to write about?

I turned 22 yesterday, though, so that's something. ^^
Had a birthday party and everything, and I had a lot of fun, even though a couple people were laaaame and decided not to show up.

We watched and made fun of an old Power Rangers movie with Johnny Yong Bosch in it, and ended up having two cakes, because I didn't think my dad would have time to get one and bring it home with him, since he works all day. So I told suedeauxnim this and she and her brother made one for me (thank you!). Only then my dad actually was able to get cake. XD Oops?

We also played Cranium and were gonna play a Yu-Gi-Oh! board game I had laying around my room, but it... didn't come with any rules or explanation or ANYthing. o_O Yeah, it was pretty WTF.

Oh, and we stayed up watching Ghost Hunt until wee hours in the morning! :D Watching the creepiest arc in the series at 4-5am = BEST, clearly. XD

As for my presents, suedeauxnim and her bro gave me Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Woo! Reading material! arcsyaoran gave me Wild Arms 2, as well, so I also have another game! Because I totally needed more to play, amirite? He said it's an RPG/puzzley type game though, so it seems right up my alley. Annnnd prongsxwormtail gave me money! Yaaaay money~ ♥ And cookies! mmmm.

So yes, all in all, it went very well, despite my lack of confidence in being able to host a party.

Ah, and last weekend, I also went to my friend's wedding. I was waiting to have some pictures from the professional photographer to post, so I may make another entry on that later, because... this is getting kind of tl;dr, wtf? XD

I should go handle aa_secret now. Ugh, I dunno what I'm gonna do with that place. There've been like no secrets lately D:

Oh well.

By the way, WHO ELSE IS EXCITED AS ME FOR THE PROFESSOR LAYTON VS. PHOENIX WRIGHT CROSSOVER GAME because holy shit I found out about it days ago and still get fucking giddy when I think about it. ♥ ♥
(Ouran) Kyoya: Ahahaha

October, yay!

Happy October, everyone! :D
I've been meaning to post for a while, but, yeah, been lazy XD

Let me tell you, however about how much I love my friends.

Well, first of all, it's prongsxwormtail's birthday today, so you should all shower her in LJ-luffs and candy and chocolate. *wisenods* I got to hang out with her and her bestie suedeauxnim today, so that was really fun times.

Secondly, it's also my old childhood friend Meagan's birthday today.

So this morning before class, I sent her a Happy Birthday text.

And she replies with something like, "Thank you! Yours is coming up soon too - you'll be 21!"

...as you may or may not know, I've been 21 for almost a year. So I silently laugh, and not wanting to seem like a bitch to correct her, I just went off to class and went about my day.

About 7 hours later I got another text from her to the effect of, "ugh what was I thinking - YOU ARE 21! I'm so lame" - long after I'd forgotten about the fact. XDDDD

I think it just about made my day, and for some reason I found it endlessly amusing. So I figured I'd share XD

Nothing too much else to report - I've beaten Birth by Sleep now, which marks my first PSP game I've ever beaten! I've switched back to P3P for now while I try to decide whether I want to go back through the hellish extra content to unlock the secret ending (for BbS).

Also, Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs is out.
Fuck yeah \o/

I also have an exam Monday but that's not important, right? RIGHHHHTTT? fuuuu---