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24 October 1988
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hello! ♥

My name's Amm. My first name is Narisa, but Amm seems a lot easier for people to remember, so I chose that as my handle when I started spending more time online.

I'm a 21-year-old college student currently attending the University of Maryland: Baltimore County as an Environmental Science major. I originally chose this major because it interested me and I wanted to learn more - but sadly I still have no idea where I'm going with it, and for now, I'm just working on graduating.

I am in no way ready for the "real world" - but hopefully one day I'll get out of my "I don't wanna grow up" Toys R' Us mentality and figure things out.

Preferably sooner, rather than later.

hobbies & interests ♥

Aside from environmental science, one quick look at my journal will probably tell you that I'm very big into Japanese animation. I've loved it since I was little, from the days of Sailor Moon and Pokemon, and it's stuck with me, although my tastes have changed and expanded.

From there, I also found my way into video games. Currently I own a PS2, a Nintendo DS, and hopefully soon, a (working) PSP. My love of anime has carried over here as well, and as such my taste mostly runs towards Japanese games: J-RPGs in particular, as well as visual novels, marking two of my favorite game genres.

That said, I also love reading (thanks to Harry Potter), writing, and drawing, although my inspiration comes and goes for all three. It's all in good fun, however, and I'm not sure I'll ever write or draw professionally :)

current obsessions ♥

My taste in fandom varies, and though I love anime, there are also a lot of other things that have caught my interest. So, here are my favorite everythings that currently send my squeee/fangirlism off the radar:

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
Kingdom Hearts (series)
Ace Attorney (series)
The World Ends with You
Professor Layton

Soul Eater
Princess Tutu
Detective Conan
Ghost Hunt

Doctor Who
Havemercy (book series)

See also: my tags & icons.

my friends ♥

This journal is mostly public, and very lurker-friendly. I mostly only friends-lock my posts that have pictures of my real life friends or family, which they might not be comfortable sharing publicly, or posts that contain something very personal going on in my life that I might not want others to know. Everything else is pretty much public, and I otherwise have nothing to hide.

I'm mostly a lurker myself, and though I try to comment, sometimes I don't have much to say. I can be quite shy, but I'm always eager to meet new friends, especially when we share similar interests.

If you think we would get along, feel free to friend me, leave a comment - whatever you feel comfortable with. I'm fairly good at friending back!

find me elsewhere ♥

My other accounts on other websites where you might see me:

amm_fanworks - for my fanart, fanfic and icons (new).
My deviantArt
My Plurk
My Fanfiction.net account
My Backloggery
MyAnimeList.net (Profile)


Thank you, gossymer, for this lovely profile layout!

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